A real-time simulator for teaching urodynamic techniques

Essential for every unit undertaking any level of urodynamic training

  • Simple to install and use
  • Can be used for demonstration or assessment
  • Brand-independent
  • Can be used in any teaching environment
  • Supervisor controlled pupil assessment
  • Presented at the International Continence Society 2011
  • Poster winner for new technology at UKCS 2011

“Our workshops at ICS now always use the Bristol Urodynamics Trainer. It is an excellent tool for enhancing the skills essential for good diagnostic quality - this results in a better patient experience and improves treatment outcomes”

Lucy Swithinbank, Urodynamics Consultant, Southmead Hospital

Urodynamics Student Trainer

Is there a problem with urodynamics training?

Urodynamics is an invasive test of the bladder’s ability to generate pressure. Training students with patients connected via catheters (in rectum and bladder) requires high levels of supervision and long clinic times. Availability of urodynamics diagnostic equipment is primarily for patient care, and capacity for training is minimised. video Click to see training video

The Bristol Urodynamics Trainer offers a low cost simulator which allows dedicated training and practice, free from any time constraints, or demands on using essential equipment.

A true ’brand independent’ urodynamics trainer


Jointly developed by Bristol Urological Institute at Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust and E2L Limited, a Monmouth based product design consultancy, the trainer is a independent simulation tool, free from any manufacturer's branding or identification.

The result is a generic urodynamics trainer offering all the features you would expect from any urodynamics machine:

  • Setting the reference level
  • Correct tap positions
  • Setting zero
  • Cough (good, poor, absent)
  • Correct resting pressure
  • Leak in line
  • React to flush


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About BUT

The Bristol Urodynamics Trainer has been developed from a joint collaboration between E2L Limited, Monmouth and Bristol Urological Institute, Bristol.

Bristol Urodynamics Trainer can be purchase directly from the E2L online store.


The Bristol Urodynamics Trainer is manufactured and distributed by E2L Products Limited.

Phone: +44 [0]1600 714856
Address: 19 White Swan Court, Monmouth, United Kingdom, NP25 3NY
E-mail: info@urodynamicstrainer.com