Training in good urodynamic techniques is essential for delivering good urodynamic services.

The International Continence Society (ICS) has accredited courses to promote good urodynamic practice and the practical element of the course requires demonstration equipment. The ICS stipulates that the course should be free of specific manufacturer involvement. The Bristol Urodynamic Trainer is an affordable, manufacturer-independent tool for frequent practical instruction in urodynamic techniques.



The trainer provides all the standard features found on any urodynamics machine.


It does not use water and can therefore be used in many teaching environments. Essentially it has two channels, Pves and Padb, each with a dummy pressure transducer. Above and below the pressure domes are taps, the positions of which are automatically sensed. Syringes are fitted with touch sensors to mimic flushing and a user operated switch mimics the patient coughing.

A supervisor can artificially introduce signals corresponding to water leaks and air bubbles by switches on the rear of the device, hidden from the trainee's view. The vertical height of the domes is also sensed, and as the unit is moved then the height variation affects the pressure readings. The pressure signals that would result on a real urodynamics machine are displayed on a computer screen via USB connection.


The features included are:

  • Setting reference level
  • Correct tap positions
  • Setting zero (before and during test)
  • Cough (good, poor, absent)
  • Correct resting pressure
  • Leak in line
  • React to flush

The key features needing to be incorporated were agreed upon by an iterative process of discussion and mock-ups, taking advice from urodynamicists, urodynamic nurses and technicians and clinical engineers.


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About BUT

The Bristol Urodynamics Trainer has been developed from a joint collaboration between E2L Limited, Monmouth and Bristol Urological Institute, Bristol.

Bristol Urodynmaics Trainer can be purchase directly from the E2L online store.


The Bristol Urodynamics Trainer is manufactured and distributed by E2L Products Limited.

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