Software simulations

The urodynamics trainer hardware is linked to interactive computer software. Simulated responses to supervisor and trainee actions are displayed in real-time providing immediate feedback. The display is similar to most urodynamics machines. It provides a scrolling trace of Pves, Pabd and Pdet plotted against time, providing the trainee with direct indicators of their actions. Changes in height, valve positions, even leaks and air bubbles and their complelmentary flushing procedures are displayed as they happen.

The PC software provides an on-screen button for resetting the display to zero pressure readings

Sample screen shots


The plot illustrates a good cough response, then after a supervisor has introduced some damping into the Pabd line, the consequential poor cough response.

Plot of good and bad cough input LEAK CHARACTERISTIC

The supervisor has introduced a leak in the Pves line which is indicated by a drop in pressure.

Plot of a leaking Pves line FLUSHING PROCEDURE

After a bad cough response on the Pves channel, the trainee has undertaken a correct flushing procedure, and then checked for the (correct) good cough response.

Plot of a bad cough response followed by flushing and then good cough ZERO PROCEDURE

The trainee has zeroed the plots by actuating the zero button at the base of the screen.

zeroing Pves and Pabd


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About BUT

The Bristol Urodynamics Trainer has been developed from a joint collaboration between E2L Limited, Monmouth and Bristol Urological Institute, Bristol.

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